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You are a band of no-good outlaws looking to rustle up some space cows from a few easy marks. Unfortunately for your ability to focus, you keep falling in love with your marks, your boss, your fellow rustlers—basically, with everyone!

In the world of RUSTLE & ROMANCE, cowhands spend their time thieving, scheming, and...dating? Have a high-speed gun battle on (robot) horseback, shoot cool laser guns, steal all the gold, dance in the pale moonlight, and court beautiful people in this hack of LASERS & FEELINGS by John Harper.

Will you play as the cyborg horse whisperer Rin "Spacedust" MacCarthy? As Deadeye Moon, the former rich kid with something to prove? Will you try to score big by knocking over a train filled with gold? Or will you keep it small and steal from the Law to give to the poor? Whatever Space Western adventure you want to have can be created using these simple mechanics.

You will need a handful of six-sided dice to play this game. Pick a number between 2 and 5. A high number means you’re better at RUSTLE (fighting, shooting, riding, stealing, getting your hands dirty).  A low number means your better at ROMANCE (seduction, feelings, dancing, courting, falling in love). Any time you want to do something cool you roll to see how well it goes. Do things go horribly wrong, sending the train barreling towards a valley? Or do they go incredibly right, leading to a beautiful kiss in the Martian desert?


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