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Young Anye has the ability to see ghosts after their grandpapi passed away. Instilled with the drive to see their Papi again one last time, they decided to go to the graveyard where lost souls reside, bound to their graves. To get to their Papi's grave on the far end of the cemetery, they have to first help the other lost souls cross over by saying a prayer and placing a flower on each grave. 

Will they be able to see their Papi? With your help, they just might!

Install instructions


First off, thanks for playing my game!! This is my first "official" game and a project for my 2D Game design class, so I hope you enjoy!

To play the game: Double-Click the Flowering_graves_final.exe file !!

To start the game: Use the arrow keys to move down to the flowerbed on the Title page, and once you have the flower in hand, go touch the grave to successfully lay the flower down!

If you liked the game, please consider donating either on the itch.io page, or check out my patreon at http://www.patreon.com/autumninapril !

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy!!


Flowering Graves 3 MB

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